The white Siamese (Foreign White) is a medium-sized, beautifully balanced, with head, ears and neck carried on a long, svelte, well-muscled body, supported on slender legs, with feet and tail in proportion.

The head and profile should be wedge-shaped, neither round nor pointed. The eyes a clear brilliant blue. The expression is alert and intelligent.

Males are generally larger than females.

The white Balinese (Foreign White Longhair) is a semi longhaired cat. Due to the coat length, the white Balinese appears to have softer lines and less extreme type.

GCCF standard of points:

GCCF Breed No: 35

FIFE EMS Code: SIA w67

Head: Long and well proportioned, carried upon an elegant neck, with width between the ears, narrowing in straight lines to a fine muzzle, with straight profile, strong chin and level bite.

Ears: Large and pricked set so as to follow the lines of the wedge.

Eyes: Oriental in shape and slanting, clear brilliant blue, the deeper the better.

Body: Long and slender, the rump carried higher than the shoulders. Well muscled and elegant.

Legs: Long and proportionately slender, paws neat and oval.

Tail: Long and tapering, whip-like, without kink.

Coat: Pure white, short and close-lying.

Nose Leather, Eye Rims & Paw Pads: Pink.
Note: “Freckles” may appear on nose, pads, lips and eye rims. Slight freckling in a mature cat should not be penalised.


Type (60)
Head & Ears


Eye Shape & Setting




Legs & Paws




Colour & Coat (40)
Eye Colour


Body Colour


Coat Texture & Length


Total 100

Withhold Certificates and First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

1 Coloured hairs (except in kittens).

2 Undershot or overshot jaw and/or uneven bite.

3 A cast in one or both eyes.

4 Any other defect as listed in the preface of the SOP booklet.

TICA standard of points covers the whole Oriental Breed Group:

TICA – Oriental breeds

FIFE standard of points also covers all Category IV cats:

FIFE – Category IV – Oriental Breeds

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